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Ms. Sahra Nguyen – Founder & CEO of Nguyen Coffee Supply

In this issue, we meet Sarah Nguyen – an honorary member of IWCA Vietnam, and listen to the story of affirming the Vietnamese coffee brand in the US market.

As a coffee lover, Sarah Nguyen is always passionate about exploring various types of coffee on the market. She noticed a unique coffee culture in the US. However, Sarah was surprised to learn that Vietnam is the second largest coffee exporter in the world, but Vietnamese coffee is rare in the US market. Sarah asked herself, “Why is Vietnamese coffee delicious but not widely available in the US?” To answer this question, she went to coffee-growing regions in Vietnam.

She was even more determined to open her coffee brand, Nguyen Coffee Supply – the first specialty coffee company from Vietnam in the US. During the work process in Vietnam, Sarah has a lot of affection and high regard for the role of women working in the coffee industry, especially women from ethnic minorities.

She realized these women lack many things, such as knowledge and resources, but they always have a learning spirit and work hard in their coffee-growing jobs. Therefore, after joining the IWCA Vietnam network, Sarah actively supports new coffee varieties, fruit trees, and other resources so that women in the network can have better lives.

With that dedication, Sarah Nguyen has some advice for every woman in the coffee industry: “The first step is to listen alone if you want to make an impact for society around you. The second step is to find all the women working in the coffee industry and learn from them. And finally, I think partnership and cooperation are a good way to work together and make a difference.”

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