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On the morning of July 21, the International Exhibition Café show 2022 Vietnam opened at Saigon International Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC), District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City with the participation of more than 200 domestic and foreign units.

International coffee exhibition Café Show

International Exhibition Café show 2022 in Vietnam takes place from July 21 to July 23, 2022, is a specialized exhibition of coffee, food and beverages held annually in Vietnam, and is the events of the Café show exhibition chain in Seoul, Shanghai, Paris…

The exhibition is organized by Exporum Vietnam Company, with the patronage of Vietnam Coffee – Cocoa Association, Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Association, trade promotion agencies in Vietnam.

Café show – Coffee Talk IWCA Vietnam connects great community values

One of the top highlights at Café Show Saigon this time is the Coffee Talk for women in coffee from the perspective of IWCA Vietnam.

Representative of the Vietnam Women’s Coffee Alliance, Ms. Dao Ngoc Anh – Founder of IWCA Vietnam had many valuable sharing related to the great value and dedication of women in the Vietnamese coffee industry.

According to Ms. Le Hang – Managing Director of IWCA Vietnam shared: “I believe in the strength of women as well as the positive impact that women can bring, not only in the coffee industry but also in the coffee industry but also in the coffee industry. for the whole community.”

Present in IWCA’s stalls, many large coffee units also contribute a lot in fundraising, supporting, propagating and protecting coffee women. Including: Detech Konnai: Son La Arabica specialty coffee won the Amazing Cup 2021-2022 certification. Dat Ban Me (Robusta Dak Lak specialty coffee with green kernel, roasted and ground, Cascara tea). Reo (coffee-flavoured butter candle, roasted coffee, paper filter). Iwca Vietnam: Allied products in the supply chain, selling to raise funds with Arabica specialty greens, paper filters, traditional filters, wooden cup bases), Ecom trading group and many other world members.

Café show destination for businesses

The units participating in the International Exhibition Café show 2022 in Vietnam display and introduce many product groups including: machinery, equipment, coffee products; ingredients for preparation and baking, bakery products…

Accordingly, some domestic and foreign brands can be mentioned such as IWCA Vietnam, Victoria Arduino, Nuova Simonelli, Trung Nguyen, Simexco,  Dalamilk, Tan Nhat Huong… Therefore, visitors, businesses, and sellers Retailers, importers, and distributors can easily find key products in the field of coffee beans, instant coffee to vegetable fat cream, milk foam tea recipes, ice cream for drinks, etc. The part that changed the mixing industry and the beverage industry in Vietnam.

Café show new playground for coffee lovers

Within the framework of the International Café show 2022 in Vietnam, the Organizing Committee also organizes competitions specialized in coffee for young Vietnamese to have the opportunity to show off their talents and interact with many new products. as well as listen to the opinions of leading domestic and foreign experts, improve professional skills… At many booths, many innovative culinary solutions with outstanding features are displayed.

Café shows trade connection points

The International Café show 2022 exhibition in Vietnam is not only a destination for businesses and experts in the coffee industry to update the trends of machinery, equipment, and raw materials in the coffee production and processing industry, but here. It is also the convergence of leading enterprises in the food and beverage production and processing industry; machinery and equipment in the hotel and restaurant management industry.

Therefore, the International Café show Vietnam 2022 has become an event to connect trade, survey markets, seek export opportunities, and attract investment for supply chain participants in the industry.

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