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In October, IWCA Vietnam launched the “Women In Coffee” campaign to raise funds to support female coffee farmers in Vietnam. The campaign took place successfully with the cooperation of members of IWCA Vietnam’s network including: Miriam’s Coffee & Cuisine, Saint-Honore Hanoi and An.



In this October, to celebrate Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20, IWCA Vietnam officially launched the “Women In Coffee” fundraising campaign to support female coffee farmers in Vietnam. IWCA Vietnam calls for fundraising from individuals, organizations and businesses through supporting coffee products produced by female farmers themselves. As follows:

  • Fundraising products: Paper filter coffee (16g)
  • Fundraising time: From October 1, 2021 to October 31, 2021


Donating about 5000 varieties of coffee trees and 250 varieties of fruit trees to female farmers who own coffee farms to help stabilize and diversify crop revenue.
A select group of women growing coffee will have access to advanced agricultural technologies and receive certifications (Rainforest Alliance, Bio/Organic, 4C, Fair Trade etc.) to contribute to revenue growth.
Provide training on farming and fruit picking skills to nearly 140 female farmers. Coffee berries from these farms will be produced into premium coffee, contributing to increased revenue through the sale of high-value coffee beans.


Customers, organizations and businesses can buy and support IWCA Vietnam’s fundraising products as follows:

  1. Directly contact IWCA Vietnam team via fanpage, hotline or email
  2. Buy products directly at IWCA Vietnam’s fundraising points in Hanoi, including:

07 Saint-Honoré Hanoi stores:
– No. 5 Xuan Dieu, Tay Ho district
– No. 20 Lancaster Nui Truc, Ba Dinh District
– Building G03, Ciputra International Urban Area
– Building L01, Ciputra International Urban Area
– Building L04, Ciputra International Urban Area
– No. 24 Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem District
– 1st floor – Mipec Long Bien Shopping Center, Long Bien District

02 Miriam’s coffee & cuisine stores:
– 1st floor, No. 8C Ton That Thuyet, My Dinh 2 Ward, Nam Tu Liem District
– 1st floor, No. 107 Nguyen Phong Sac, Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay District

01 An. store
– 5/1 lane 178 Thai Ha, Hanoi

All profits from the fundraising campaign will be used by IWCA VIetnam to support female coffee farmers in ethnic minority areas.

All information and fundraising amounts are publicly disclosed on the IWCA Vietnam website.

For more details about the fundraising campaign and the amount raised, please see:

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    Add: 2nd Floor, Detech Tower, 8 Ton That Thuyet, My Dinh 2, Nam Tu Liem ward, Hanoi, Vietnam


    Add: 2nd Floor, Detech Tower, 8 Ton That Thuyet, My Dinh 2, Nam Tu Liem ward, Hanoi, Vietnam

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