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Preliminary training on Improving occupational safety and health for female employees working in the coffee shops within the partnerships among The Starbucks Foundation, Vision Zero Fund (ILO) and IWCA Vietnam.

On January 6, 2023, IWCA Vietnam organized a training session on occupational health and safety for female coffee workers in the coffee shop with the presence of 2 speakers:

  1. Ms. Hang Le – CEO of IWCA Vietnam
  2. Mr. Lan Dang – Founder and Director of The Lovely Cup

 The training is part of the project “Empowerment and skills development and skills development for female coffee growers and baristas on workplace safety” funded by The Starbucks Foundation, Vision Zero Fund by the International Labor Organisation and IWCA Vietnam.

During the training session, speakers and attendees discussed issues such as: rights and risks of workers in the F&B industry, issues related to harassment, violence and safety, whole labor.

Attending the training session, IWCA Viet Nam was honored to welcome:

  1. Ms. Michelle Burns – Executive vice president of Global Coffee, Tea and Cocoa and Board member of The Starbucks Foundation
  2. Ms. Patricia Marques – General Manager, Starbucks Vietnam
  3. Ms. Chi Nguyen – Senior Manager, Marketing & Category, Starbucks Vietnam
Ms. Michelle Burns and ms. Patricia Marques

Furthermore, on behalf of Starbucks Vietnam, Ms. Phuong Linh – female barista of Starbucks Vietnam shared about her working process at Starbucks from being a part-time employee to becoming a store manager.

   Through the training session, IWCA Vietnam aims to improve occupational safety and health for female employees working in the coffee shops, thereby improving livelihoods and empowering women in the coffee industry.

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