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“With me, Personally, I value a cup of coffee everyday, appreciate the enjoyment and want to do more to spread the power of women making coffee.” Let’s join with IWCA Vietnam to meet Ms. Nguyen Huong Ly – Brand and PR Manager of Detech Coffee, and listen to her experiences and perspectives on the farmers in the coffee industry.

According to her, farmers nowadays have to face numerous difficulties, such as natural disasters like climate change, floods, droughts, epidemics, pests… or being forced to sell products at low prices by buyers. However, to meet the demand for high-quality coffee, they must change their harvesting methods and choose to pick ripe fruits carefully by hand.

She also shared about the contribution of Detech Coffee in improving the lives of those in difficult situations in the coffee industry in Vietnam, especially ethnic minority women: “In the raw material areas, we train farming techniques, support the output of coffee products with uniform quality, help farmers stabilize their income, commit that profits will be reinvested in expanding activities to improve quality of life.”

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