In 2021, with the desire to contribute to building a sustainable coffee industry in Vietnam as well as empowering women in the coffee industry, IWCA organizes fundraising activities with the following main goals:
1. With the aim to rejuvenate coffee farms, IWCA VIetnam wants to provide coffee trees to the farmers in our network in the Central Highlands and Northwest region.
2. Pursue sustainability for one to two groups of farmers, through certification (certification 4C, RFA etc.) or training sessions.
3. Donating coffee as a way to improve female farmers’ ability to assess coffee quality.
4. Keeping our non-profit social business running.
To be able to pursue these goals, IWCA Vietnam calls for support and contributions from individuals, organizations and businesses in Vietnam through this fundraising activity.
? In particular, this activity will be as below:
Partners/Companies can buy products manufactured and supplied by IWCA Vietnam. Profits from the above products will be used to cater to the organization’s activities.
? Products in our fundraising activity include:
– Dripping Coffee Bag (roasted and ground coffee)
Price: 15,000 VND /bag/16 gram
– Coffee Mug (with IWCA Vietnam logo)
Price: 100,000 VND/mug
– Coffee jute bag for shop/office decoration
Price: 200,000 VND/bag
Partners/Companies can use the above products for commercial purposes or gifts at your businesses. Especially, for each product of Dripping Coffee Bag and Coffee Mug, IWCA Vietnam will enclose information introducing you as well as IWCA Vietnam, promoting the organization’s efforts to give women’s rights as well as creating a sustainable coffee industry in Vietnam.
? Last day to order: February 1, 2021
? Contact information:
Mrs. Ngoc Anh Dao (President of IWCA Vietnam)
Mobile: +49 163 1632457 (Germany)
Mrs. Thu Phan (Volunteer – In charge of receiving orders)
Mobile: +84 966 884 288
IWCA Vietnam hopes to receive the support and contributions from individuals, organizations and businesses so that we can join hands to build a sustainable coffee industry as well as empower women in coffee.
We sincerely thank you!